"My knee has NO Pain after a couple of Emotion Code sessions! I mean ZERO pain!  I was sitting in a small seat for long time but still no pain. I cannot believe it!!! "
- Ms. N.H
"Chicaco is a powerful healer who has been making a real difference with my health. I have been a client over 10 years and seeking her treatments weekly. In my business as a technology CEO I travel often for business. I lead an active lifestyle and in particular suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain and high stress. Her treatments leave me healed with more energy, aliveness and pain free. I highly recommend Chicaco’s therapies both Shiatsu & Emotion Code and regularly refer my own family and friends."
- Mr. N
"Chikako’s emotion code has been an amazing experience for me so far. I’ve done a lots of personal growth and development for the past several years but there was one area of life that I just could not have a breakthrough in and that was with women. I had a lots of resentment and a story that I was not good enough for them. But just having one session with Chikako instantly changed all of that! She was able to help me disappear all the negative emotions and surprisingly help me figure out exactly what happened that had me be that way with women and when. Now I have peace of mind and freedom to be with women and this would not be possible without Chikako’s help.

Her loving, non-judgemental, compassionate, understanding nature provided a safe environment for me to release the emotions that were holding me back and really allow me to be complete with it. Now I have a blank slate for me to really create the life I want."

- Mr. L
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